Joshua T Schmaderer

Father. Chirstian. Husband. Engineer. Adventurer.

I am a Kansas boy born and bred. I love this State. It is my home and it always has been. I love the small towns and the friendly people. I love the ever changing weather and fields. I even love how it is mostly flat as you drive through it. I could have went anywhere with my engineering degree but I stayed here. I put my roots down deep and they grow deeper by the day. This is were I want to raise my family the old fashioned way.  Where you work hard for what you have and don't complain just cause someone else has something better. Where you wake up with the sun and howl at the moon on the week ends. Where if you see someone pulled over on the side of the road you stop to see if they need help even if it looks like they don't, it only takes a moment to check anyway. Where people still go to church on Sundays and you can talk about God in school with out anyone getting offended.  I am driven by my family, my work, projects and adventure.


I became a father not through my own body but through the grace of others. My wife and I were unable to conceive our own child but were lucky enough to adopt three children now, Gabriella Marie, Sebastian James, and Simon Christopher. Between my wife and them I have the strength to do anything. They are the driving force in my day and what I want to come home to at night. I am working hard to be a father worthy of the task of raising these children, but like everyone I stumble sometimes. My wife, family and God help me back up and we continue our journey through the chaotic landscape people call life.

I have worked at the same company since my junior year of high school. I was a lifeguard at the Solomon Pool for two years then was recruited to start sweeping the floors and mow the yard at my father’s business. I moved from that to scraping breakers, to helping with site construction, to drawing and programming. I went to college with the intent to come home and work at the family business despite my peers telling me it was a waste of an engineering degree. This is not the most glamourous job in the world. It doesn’t pay the best, our office is a little rickity, and getting called in the middle of the night for support sucks. But the people we work for are great, I get to work for my hero, I get to drive around the state with my father, my kids can come see me and their grandparents for lunch if I am at my desk, and I have never had to wear a suit to work. I think the trade off is well worth it. I love my job and I get to learn something new every day.


Erin, my wife, the love of my life, gave up her career as a mechanical engineer to stay home with the kids. Before you start sending me a lot of nasty emails about oppressing my wife she wanted to.  We think that for children to grow up with a parent present is very important so we made the sacrifices to make it happen. That being said, my very driven, very intelligent wife is at home most all day with nothing to do but watch the kids and think (not saying watching the kids is not a demanding task). And boy does she think. We (mostly through her efforts) have built a small farm, remodeled most of our temporary home, dug in a trampoline, put up a building, and built what is for all intents and purposes a small city park in our back yard. Now we are breaking ground on our forever home, she has yet to break stride and I am trying to keep up with her.


We may just be a fly over state to the rest of the world but I can promise there is no such thing. Everywhere has something worth looking at if you are willing to take the time to look. I travel for work but we don't leave the state. I have set foot in all for corners for business purposes. I can tell you that the best Chinese restaurant in the state is in Chanute not just because of the food but because of the people that work there. I know that Jetmore has the best taco Tuesday but it is on Wednesday for some reason. I know that there is a cool little motorcycle museum in Augusta with models going back to 1905 ran completely on donations and the spirit of a little old man that wants everyone to know about the history of the ride. I have seen most beautiful sights of my life in this state and I will tell you about everywhere and everyone of them if you care to listen.

I started this blog to promote a book that I was hoping to publish. I continue to write because I enjoy it. These are the main topics that I write about as they are most of what goes on in my life. Family. Work. Projects. Adventure. I hope you enjoy our stories and may these messages fine you in good health and of a sound mind.

Joshua T Schmaderer