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A Single Weekend

Erin is gone for the weekend helping an old friend from Neodesha do some home improvements. If I were remodeling anything in my house Erin is the first person I would be calling in favors from as she is very handy to have in that situation. However, Neodesha is quite far away from here. That leaves me home alone with the kids for the weekend. Now I watch the kids by myself on a regular basis for hours or whole days at a time but it is not very often that I get the chance to watch the kids for a whole weekend.

Now despite the concerns that I have heard from some people in my life, I think the weekend is going quite well so far. The living room might be coated with toys and blankets for forts and pillows for fighting, but all those things will (probably) be cleaned up well before Erin gets home tomorrow night. The kids are having fun, I have only had to give out three bandages (all to our daughter) and we have only had pizza for 2 of the 4 meals since Erin left. Dad weekends are great.

I feel like I miss out on a lot going to work all week and it is easy to keep leaning on Erin to watch the kids even when I am home on the weekends. With her gone, I am forced (for lack of a better word) to actually enjoy my kids instead of getting stuck in the mindset that it is the weekend and I deserve some time off. It is easy to let mommy be the one to answer a cry when the word being cried is "MAMA!" But even in the last 32 hours, the cries have turned to a more general noise and even a few Dadas. It is never good to hear your child crying but there is something mildly comforting about hearing them cry specifically for you.

I am sure that Monday morning they will cry for mom instead of dad again and I am not going to complain about that. As fun as this is it comes with its own frustrations and I don't have enough words for how thankful I am for Erin being here to help me raise our children. But to all those people who acted like it would be a miracle if I survived the weekend alone with three kids under the age of four, I am doing just fine. People will often rise (or fall) to the expectations set for them so if your expectations for a father or husband are so low maybe you just need to expect more out of them.

I hope that you are all having as good a weekend as I am. I am just another confused father here wondering...

Am I gonna be able to clean up this mess before Erin gets home?


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