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The Day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, our house was a mess,

A literal disaster, if I truly confess.

No cleaning had happened the whole day before,

Now we had to prepare for this unpleasant chore.

The sink was piled high with plates, cups, and bowls,

To vanquish these dishes was the first of our goals.

The battle was fought with bubbles and suds.

To clean every plate, of holiday spuds.

When the dishwasher was finally ready to burst.

It was on to the next task; I’d finished the first.

In the living room, boxes and wrapping stacked high,

The remnants of toys that joined our supply.

The toys themselves now covered our floor,

What once was a lot, now seemed to be more.

Erin began to sort these things into place,

Knowing each toy would now need its space.

Quickly the piles all started to shrink,

And the living room floor was as clean as the sink.

With broom, mop, and vacuum we tackled the floor,

Then the boxes and wrapping went out the front door.

We had finished our tasks, there could be no mistake,

Then a cry did alert us, our kids were awake.

Out from their rooms did the littles all come,

In search of their daddy, their snacks, and their mum.

We fed them and dressed them to prepare for the day,

For soon we would all need, to be on our way.

For Christmas is not just a one-day affair.

Since we just had one here; we must have one there.

So off now to grandma’s we went for round two,

For more food and more fun, and to spend time with you!

For time with the family is why we all say,

That Christmas is indeed the best holiday.

I hope that this finds you in good health and cheer!

Merry Christmas for now! I’ll be back next year.


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