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How Important is your Phone

How important is your phone to you? I tried to not allow mine to be a focal point in my life but know that I spend more time on it than I should. Still I have never felt that it was an overly important piece of who I am.

Earlier this week, Erin broke her phone and since then we have been trying to recover the data on it. This has made me think a lot about where I would actually be without my phone and what I would lose if I was in her situation.

As of this moment I currently have 4723 pictures and 228 videos saved between my phone and memory card. This accounts for most of the pictures that have been taken of my children for the last three and a quarter years since Gabriella's birth. My favorites of these, about 900 pictures and 50 videos are backed up on a Cloud Drive Erin and I share. The other 3/4s are relying on my phone staying in my pocket and functional to survive to be enjoyed again.

Aside from pictures I have 59 notes stored on my phone. Anytime I think of anything It generally gets jotted down in my phone until it gets done. I used to keep a notepad in my pocket before I had a smartphone but digital has replaced pen and paper as a matter of convenience. These customer requests, Pearls of Wisdom, personal notes, and budgets would all be gone. Leaving me no clue what I promised Jim that would get done first thing Monday morning last Thursday afternoon.

Last but certainly not least I have 841 contacts in my phone.

727 of these contacts are tied to my work email and kept up-to-date on my phone by the business. The other 114 all the people that believe I may need to get in contact with some day in my personal life. I don't know how long it would take me to recover those contacts. Some of those friends live in different cities, many of them live in different states, one even lives in a different country. If I was to lose their phone numbers would have no way to get ahold of them until they decided to reach out to me first.

This has worst short-term hurdle that Erin has been facing. As the general contractor for a our house she is in constant communication with our subcontractors. With no to reach out to them for the last few days it has been a very chaotic trying to get things done on our new home.

We have had fairly good luck keeping phones intact up to this point so this was a bit of an ey opener dor me. I still feel like I am not overly attached to my phone. That being said I did back up all my photos and contacts this week, I synced my notepad to my email so it backups up automatically, and I spent this week making sure there was nothing else on here I couldn't survive without.

Smartphones are an incredibly handy tool. They can help us remember things, learn something new, reach out to other people, take pictures and help us waste our precious freetime. That being said I don't ever want to let a hammer control my life and the same can be said for my smart phone.

I hope this finds you in good health and of a spund mind. I am just another confuse father wondering...

How important is your phone to you?


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