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How Much to Cook

So the boys started eating solid foods when Simon was around 4 months old. Before they were a year old we were to the point we were eating as a family and they would just eat whatever Erin, Gaberiella, and I were having for dinner. Sebastian just passed a year and a half in age and I still cannot seem to figure out how much to cook for diner each night. It seems like we are either scraping the bottom of the rice pot for crumbs to keep food in front of them or there are enough leftovers to eat another whole meal the next night.

When we first got married Erin and I would use two cups of dry rice on the nights we would make chicken fried rice. Now we will make four cups one week and every grain will disappear then two weeks later when we make the same amount there is more than half of it left(we eat chicken fried rice often in our household). The appetites of small children are a mystery to me. There is no consistency in how much they eat or what they are willing to eat. One night Simon won't touch his avocado and the next he is stealing it off his brother's plate. Sometimes Sebastian will not eat unless you feed him every bite, others he has to feed himself every bite and throws a fit if you so much as think about touching his spoon. As soon as Gabriella decides she is done eating, the younger two often decide they are done as well.

The dinner table is a battlefield, Mom and Dad vs the doublets with Gabriella switching sides on a minute to minute basis. Some nights the parents win and everyone goes to bed with full tummies. Other nights the adults surrender and the kids wake up hungry and crabby. Every once in awhile Erin and I give up without a fight and buy a pizza. Those nights every everyone kind of wins. No matter what the end result is though the five of us sit down to dinner together as a family. While it is kind of hectic I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I hope this post finds you in good health and of sound mind. I am just another confused father from Kansas wondering ...

What is for dinner tomorrow?


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