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How to not to Build a Retaining Wall

So this weekend progress on the house was halted as Erin and I had to address a major issue. During the several weeks of rain that we have received, we noticed a small amount of mud and water was collecting in one of the rooms of the basement in the house. After removing a little sheetrock it became obvious that it was coming in through the wall directly inside of our retaining wall. Our retaining wall was actually funneling the water into the house.

Exactly the opposite of its intended purpose.

So what was causing this problem? in our ignorance we had tried to get leave as little of the concrete foundation exposed as possible. This meant that the edge of the retaining wall was touching the edge of our siding. When a little bit of water started slipping through the wall it would normally have just run down the front of the wall and not been an issue. However, since the front of the wall was touching the edge of the house some of the water was running down the inside and some down the outside.

This means that this means that instead of finishing our first coat of priming in the basement over the weekend we got to address this problem instead. Tearing down the existing wall, digging back the 6 inches we needed for clearance from the siding, and then rebuilding took about 10 hours of time between the two of us. Well worth the time considering the problem at hand. But if we had just built it that way in the first place that is 20 more man-hours that we could have moved forward on our future home. ( Or I could have used to write this post on time)

If you are doing something that you are not sure how to do it is defiantly beneficial to have someone around that has done it before. That being said we figured it out ourselves and all it took was a little bit of extra time and some scrap sheetrock.

I hope that you didn't have to spend any time this week redoing something that should have already been done. I will write again next week, but in the meantime, I am just another confused father wondering...

What else are we going to have to redo on this house?


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