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Measuring Up

While I am not foolish enough to believe that every family home has a doorframe with marks denoting the heights of the children within at different ages, I believe that these markings can be found in most homes than have seen children raised in them. If not on doorframes then on some other surface that is tucked away in the home. Growing up our heights were marked on the inside of the door to the kitchen pantry. I can remember getting measured once or twice per year from before I can accurately place the time all the way up until I graduated high school. Honestly, thinking about it now I have grown a little since then and should probably go to my childhood home and let mom measure me once more. Mom even went so far as transferring the marks from our old pantry door to the new one when we moved from Topeka to Solomon in 2002.

This is a tradition that is found in most homes and one that we happily embrace in our own. Trying to keep the wiggly boys still long enough to get a mark close to the right height. Making sure Gabriella is not on tiptoes trying to sneak a little extra in before we mark hers. These small memories are revisited every few months during these ages of rapid growth and will be called upon less regularly but with more fondness as the kids reach the ages where growth is slower. It is fun to see how similar (or different) in size the kids were at different ages.

In case I have not mentioned it before (or you have not read it here because I am fairly certain I have) our children bridge the spectrum of size. Gabriella has spent her whole life in our above the 90th percentile for both weight and height. Simon is on the other end of the spectrum having yet to break the 30th percentile for either. Sebastian lives between the two staying in a range that I honestly can remember because it is less emotionally impactful than the other two.

To put that into more quantifiable numbers Gabriella was 34 inches tall at 20 months old. That 4.5 inches taller than Simon (29.5 inches) was at the same age. Due to the offset of the boy's age, Bash didn't get measured at the 20-month mark but was 32.5 inches tall at 21 months of age. That is a 13% and 5% difference respectively. (Isn't math fun)

Now I hope no one takes this as me trying to say one of my children is better than another just because of their height at any age. I am just trying to point out the difference in size between three children raised in a near-identical manner. That being said as much as I like to argue nature verse nurture (and it is a lot) genetics have a lot to do with height and we do represent a more diverse genetic background than most doorframes.

Anyway, we measured heights again this week and the kids are getting so tall watching them grow up has been such fun, and thinking about the things that we can do as they get older and bigger is exciting. Gabriella is 42 inches tall now ( and not quite four years old) and Erin made sure to point out that the height limit for Worlds of Fun's Mamaba is only half a foot away. Looking forward to that one for sure but in no hurry for my baby girl to get taller, she can take all the time she wants.

Well, that was more or less the height of my week. (not sorry and I do think it is funny) I hope this post has found you in good health and of a sound mind. Until next week I am just another confused father wondering ...

Will any of my kids get taller than me?


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