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When You Reach a Project Checkpoint

If you have ever played a video game you are probably familiar with the feeling of saving a game only to realize that you missed something earlier on that you will now have to replay the whole game if you want to get to. Most games have checkpoints in the storyline where earlier sections of the game become inaccessible. Luckily, real life is not so unforgiving. Up to the point of death, you can almost always go back and fix a problem later on at the expense of time, embarrassment, pride, or money. That being said there are definitely checkpoints in our lives that it is easier to do certain things earlier on than it will be later in life.

A GED can be earned if someone does not put the effort in early in life to obtain a high school diploma, at the cost of some credibility. It is possible to find a significant other after college, but anyone who is single in their early thirties will confirm that it is easier to fish in a full pond than it is in the ocean. You can tear out sheetrock in order to add utilities to your home at any point in time, but it will never be easier and more economical than before it is hung in the first place.

The sheetrock crew started on our home earlier this week and it has been amazing watching the skeleton of our home get some meat to it after 9 months of work. Unfortunately, this also means we are at one of those important checkpoints in this project. This has been an incredibly long week of coming home every night and double, triple, then quadruple checking every room's walls and ceiling to make sure that everything was in place before we moved on in the game.

With a 1/3 of the sheeting up, we are now fairly confident that we have everything ready for the rest of the house to be closed up for good. Now that being said I am sure we will be out there for an hour or so every night this week checking over everything at least one more time. It is impossible to be too careful with something and it is exciting to see what is getting done every day. Open spaces turn into bedrooms, bathrooms, living space, and the kitchen that I can't wait to cook in for the first time (and all the ones after that). There is still plenty of work to be done once the finishing is done but we can head into the next stretch renewed in the excitement of our dream home is a little bit closer to being complete.

I hope this message finds you in good health and of a sound mind. I am just another confused father wondering ...

How long is it gonna take us to paint all that sheetrock?


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