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The Worst Part of Being a Parent

As this is an opinion I am sure that everyone's is different. But this is my website so this is my opinion. In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Erin and I took turns keeping each other awake while we emptied the contents of our stomachs into various vessels. Despite the fact that we both had gotten little sleep, the littles all awoke at exactly the same time as they always do. (The one downside to a strict sleep schedule) Erin rallied first and let me sleep in a little longer, then she tagged out (and passed out) while I sat in a daze on the couch and watch the kids play for what seemed like the longest hour since their birth.

The worst part of being parents is that you can't just call in sick. For the most part, this is a very mild problem as usually only one person gets sick at a time and the other can cover their back. But every once and a while (this will be the second time in the three years that we have had kids) both parents get sick at the exact same time (or roughly 3 hours apart from each other). Those days are the absolute worst part of being a parent. Not being able to help your spouse while also being responsible for little people that just don't understand that you are having a bad day and who really want you to play hide and seek with them but you feel like if you move around you will puke.

But misery loves company and together you make it through then life gets back to normal. The worst of it is short-lived and only memorable if you try to remember it. The best parts also happen in a flash but are hard to forget even if you try. I would not trade my kids for all the carefree sick days in the world.

I hope this post finds you in better health than I am. I am just another confused father from Kansas wondering ...

Did I get sick from my kids or are my kids gonna get sick from me now?


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