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Waste Not, Want Not

We were cleaning up some sheetrock scraps in the new house this week and as I was throwing them into the trailer that we are using as a dumpster for the duration of this project. As I watch those scraps fall into the trailer parked below our back door a thought occurred to me.

I am paying to throw away things I just paid for.

When we started this project made a list of all the things we could take care of ourselves to keep costs down. One of the big-ticket items on that list was managing our own construction waste. Dumpster rentals are surprisingly expensive and there is also a fee every time you have to have it emptied. We live less than 8 miles from the dump here in Salina and we own a stock trailer as a result of Erin's farm which was road-worthy(but still not to pretty) for the price of 2 used tires, about $150.

From these two points, it was not hard to come to the logical concussion that we could get our waste to the dump with no problem. It did take Erin a little while to convince me that it was the right course of action but seeing a few thousand dollars in potential cost savings got me on board pretty quick.

So far in the project, we have made 4 total trips with the price of each offloading being less than $100. The dump charges $40 per ton for construction waste and the large load we have taken out there was just over 1.5 tons of material. A trip takes about 2 hours as long as there are no issues (Erin blew a tire one of the times). It has honestly been a lot less work than I thought it was going to be when Erin proposed it to me over 9 months ago. We are estimating two more loads, one here when they finish off the sheetrock and one more for the rest of the project. All in all, we are on budget to get all of out construction waste disposed of for a little more than $500. Which is less than the cost we were quoted to rent the onsite dumpster for 1 month.

So, as much as the thought kind of hurts to think that I am paying to bring the material in and then I am paying for everything that goes back out again. I am at least comforted by the thought that we are taking it out for significantly less than we would be if Erin had not convinced me that the dump is not such a bad place to spend a Saturday morning. It has been an eye-opening experience about what actually happens after you throw your trash out. Plus there is some super cool heavy machinery running in places like that. Best of all has given us several thousand dollars to distribute between other more fun parts of the house than the construction of it. That is money that would have literally been thrown away otherwise.

I hope this post has found you in good health and of a sounds mind. Until next week, I am just another confused father hoping...

This wasn't too trashy a topic of conversation.


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