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What Else am I Forgetting?

As I was falling asleep last night I was overcome with this feeling like there was something that I was supposed to do that I was forgetting. This is not an unfamiliar feeling for me as I am a somewhat forget full person so I just rolled over and fell asleep. It was not till I woke up this morning and realized today was Sunday that I figured out what it was that I had been forgetting. To make a post on my website for the week. So, sorry about that.

The bright side is I didn't have to think super hard about a topic for the week. Usually, my posts are a little more thought out than this, but I think it is a great opportunity to address what is probably one of my biggest character downfalls, my memory. Or more specifically my memory when it comes to things I need to get done and what I already have done. I would say I have an above-average memory when it comes to 99% of topics. Unfortunately, when it comes to my internal to-do list, I can never seem to find it. I can tell you exactly when I put the spare fuse for the relay I installed in the Goodland power plant 8 years ago, but I can't remember whether I wash my hair yet or not while still in the shower. For the most part, I can manage this problem with to-do lists on my desk and phone. But it still managed to be my number one issue on my year-end performance review.

The study of memory and how the brain stores information is an incredibly fascinating topic. Unfortunately, it mostly goes over my head so I can't talk much about it here. What I do understand though is psychology, at least the basics of it, so I will talk a little on that topic. The doorway effect is the psychological term for the tendency human beings have of forgetting what it is they were doing upon entering a new space, more specifically walking through a doorway. This is a feeling I am sure everyone has experienced at least once. It is believed that this phenomenon is caused by something hardwired into how we all process information. While what causes the doorway effect is not fully understood, I find the human aspect of it very interesting. No matter the relative intelligence of an individual the basic functions of a human brain operate the same.

We all have things that we need to remember, from picking up milk on the way home from the office to the date of your anniversary. All of this gets files away in our minds as short term and long term memories. Some of these memories come back to us easily, others only come back after they are no longer relevant. The memories we hold dearest to our hearts are passed to others as stories. Some of those stories will still be told after we are no longer around to hear them, and we will be memories. While I hope you are all remembered fondly someday, I also hope that you do not have to be remembered for a long time yet. I also hope this message finds you in good health and of a sound mind. I am just another confused father hoping...

I remember to make my post on time next week. And wondering what else I am forgetting to do today?


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