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What is in your Walls?

Most of us spend most of our lives indoors. Working, eating, and sleeping are all activities that most people predominantly do inside. But do we understand what we are inside? With Erin and I taking on the bulk of the indoor construction on our home I have spent a lot of time recently learning about the infrastructure that I have spent the majority of my life taking for granted.

I have heard people refer to the framing of the house as the bones. If that is the case then pipes are its veins. Running under the surface bringing water where it is needed in one second then carrying it back away in the next. When is the last time you thought about the path that the water coming out of your sink traveled to get from outside to your hands while turning on a sink? We have put almost 1000 ft of water pipe in our walls just for the incoming water and still more to get it back out again.

I just finished putting my third spool of Romex wire in for the electrical with probably two more to go. Adding in the larger ampacity cable for the sub-panel and the dryer and there will be over a linear mile of wire in our house. I never would have thought that if I was to take all the wire inside a building it would possibly stretch that far. This network of “nerves” will bring our house to life with lights, sounds, and warmth.

Those “bones”, “nerves”, and “veins” need a laver of “fat” to keep everything warm and protected so insulation goes up. With sheetrock skin on the inside and siding on the out keeping all of that in place our house becomes a friend that protects us from the outside world.

While there is still a lot of this work to come, Erin and I feel like this mass of wood, plastic, and metal becomes more of a home and less of a building every day. Above I have listed things that you will find in most buildings you could come across. However, for us, there is more in our home. There is the swear and blood that we have poured into the walls to raise them up. The friendship of those who have come to help us out in the process. And the pride that we are building a place that is special, just right for us and our children, to raise them and protect them. A house that we can always come home to.

But more on that later, in the meantime I hope that this message has found you in good health and of a sound mind. I am another confused father from Kansas wondering…

When does a house become a home?


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