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What is the craziest day you have ever had?

Life has given me a lot of crazy days in my life. The crazy bad ones like finding out my wife was going to go through chemo, watching her go through it and finding out I am infertile. The crazy good ones like getting called about each adoption and then being there for the birth of each of my children. But for all of those days as crazy as they were, I had some indicators that had helped me prepare mentally for them happening. My wife was unable to walk before we went to the doctor and found out she needed chemo. We had been trying to conceive for years before finding out I was infertile. We were actively trying to adopt when we got the calls about the kids. After all that, I thought that nothing would really surprise me anymore.

Yet here I am, my mind still reeling at what has happened so far today. Of all the things that have made me question "How I did I get here", this on is hitting the hardest right now. Now that might be the fact that I still have not adjusted to what is happening. So tomorrow I may very well be back to my girlfriend actually agreeing to marry me being the biggest shock of my life.

We met with our general contractor, the dirt work company and the foundation company this morning to talk about the house that we have been dreaming of for the last five years and planning for the last 18 months. We had gotten solid bids from them and we're pretty sure that we were going to use these two companies to hopefully break ground on our home sometime later this fall. We spend a couple hours reviewing plans, staking and painting lines, talking about drainage, and poking fun at our general contractor. After all this, everyone was on pretty much the same page when the dirt guys looked at the concrete guys and said "Are you still open at the end of the month? Because we can have the hole ready to go by then if we break ground later today." ... Like today as in the one that is happening right now?!? Apparently they had talked about what their schedules looked like before coming out for this mornings 9:30 am meeting. While Erin and I were trying to absorb that the concrete guys added in that they were pretty well booked up for the fall. So if we wanted to get the foundation in this fall they would need to start before the end of the month.

I don't think they were trying to pressure us into a decision, I think they were just being honest about how they could fit us into their schedules. They are the contractors that we had been talking about using anyway and the meeting was basically to try to make sure we could make it work schedule wise. (Actually writing that out, I suppose there was some signs that this was coming ahead of time and I probably shouldn't be as surprised as I am) So after our moment of shock Erin and I mutually agreed that we should move forward. We want to have the building up and enclosed so we can work on it together through the winter. In order to make sure we can get to that point, before it gets too cold here to work on the outside, it makes sense to get started as soon as possible. But at this point I am just talking myself down (I do feel a lot calmer after writing all this).

That has been our day here. A 9:30 a.m. meeting to make a plan. Decide that we are starting today at the end of the meeting around 11 a.m.. Spend the next 2 hours getting all of the remnants of the playground project (I will make a post about that soon) cleared out of the dig sight. Then ground was broke just after 2:30 pm this afternoon. Now I sit here during nap time listening to machinery rumble outside our trailer. As the yard I worked so hard to grow over the last 5 years gets a face lift to make way for the next chapter in this families story.

I look forward to sharing all the exciting details of this project with you here as well as all the other shenanigans we get into along the way. In the mean time I hope this message finds you in good health and of a sound mind. I am just another confused father from Kansas wondering...

How Did I Get Here?


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