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Why a Children's Book?

So I love stories, I love them in all formats. Books, movies, video games, and long drawn out tales that I have heard from people a hundred times. Straight forward endings you see a mile away and twist endings that leave you shocked no matter how many time you see them. I love action filled fast pace plots, and long drawn out journeys with tearful tragic endings. I have always been fascinated by how people can take a world that no one has ever seen or heard of and bring it to life in such detail that you can imagine it perfectly just from words on a page. How an actor on a screen can compel you to believe in the impossible. And how a simple journey alongside a sprite I'm controlling on a screen can feel like a day with an old friend. Stories are something that all humans crave in one form or another. They have been told around campfires since humans first learned to communicate to one another. Sought after in dusty pages of old books protected from time for generations. And drawn on cave walls and canvases to help us remember the stories of what happened long before we were here. I have always wished to be able to tell a tale in such regaling fashion that people I have never known before could be drawn in, entranced and loose track of time just trying to imagining it. And I had my first taste of that about a year ago when putting my daughter to bed one night.

We have always put our daughter to bed with a book,but one night I decided to just

make up a story off the top of my head instead. It was something very generic that I made up about a princess in a castle rescued by a handsome prince. You know, standard old fashion fairy tale stuff.

The whole time I was telling it though she was just looking up at me with these big eyes full of wonder and curiosity. And it was an amazing feeling. So I started telling her more and more homemade stories instead of reading store bought ones. I had a lot of fun doing it! I would prepare more for them as the weeks went by until I eventually reached the point where I was writing out full stories ahead of time to tell her. My wife eventually got a hold of one of them and highly encouraged me to look into

getting it published. So I picked out a few of my favorite stories I had written out and had her read them all. She picked the one she like best and off I went. I found an editor, Brooke Vitale, through a website called reedsy.com and she has been incredibly helpful through the entire process so far. Giving me pointers on how to improve my story and make it more marketable. Reviewing my grammar and word choice to make sure it is kid friendly. Even giving advice on what the next step I should take in the process is. While, it has been a long process, it is incredibly rewarding watching a story of my very own take shape. The thought that I might someday be able to give that story to my children in an actually, physical, illustrated form that they could read on their own even when I am not there is incredibly exciting. Especially as a father that spends time away from home for work. It would be like I could tell a story to my kids at night even though I am not there. But I need to find a book agent before that can happen, so more on that later.

In the mean time I hope this message finds you in good health and sound mind. I am just another confused father from Kansas wondering...



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