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Why do people hate Monday?

So here I am again behind schedule and off-topic (well if I had a topic I would be off of it). I don't have a good reason why I am behind this time, I just am. Since we are here anyway let's talk about Mondays, everyone's least favorite day of the week.

Contrary to that exact statement, I actually like Mondays for the most part. Yes, they are definitely the most hectic day of the week. The road crews in looking for more material and updated instructions on what to do for the week. Emails have piled up over the weekend because someone somewhere had some free time to clean up their inbox. Plus there is usually that issue that happened over the weekend that a customer got fixed temporarily and was too polite to bother us with on our days off. But once the micro storm that is Monday morning has passed, settling into normal work seems peaceful and easy. A nice crazy Monday morning is a great way to settle in for the week and can make the rest of the week fly by. Honestly, Tuesday is way worse than Monday.

Gabriella is just now reaching the age where she is starting to understand the week cycle. Erin and I believe that a solid schedule is good for children. The way to teach Gabriella her week cycle is by what we do on that particular day. Monday is laundry day. Tuesday is the day we don't do anything. Wednesday we have a gymnastics class. Thursday is Dad's night alone with the kids. Friday we go swimming with dad. Saturday mom and dad are both home all day. On Sunday we have church and go to grandma's house. Tuesday is Gab's least favorite day of the week and honestly, it is mine too.

Still, most people dislike Mondays and I believe that is largely tied to the fact it is the furthest day from the weekend. However shouldn't you just be glad to get a weekend? According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, 32 percent of people work on the weekends. I understand that this means that their weekend technically lies elsewhere, but for those people, it isn't really a weekend. Having a schedule that shifts on a week-to-week basis means that making plans is entirely dependent on your boss okaying you requesting time off on a specific day. As a person that really likes his structured schedule, I couldn't do that. So Monday is not a bad day for me. It is a start to a consistent 5 day work week that lets me do what I want to with my weekends.

That is just my opinion though and I will be back with another one this weekend. (I promise it will actually be the weekend this time) Until then, I hope this post finds you in good health and of a sound mind. I am just another confused father from Kansas wondering...

How did they decide the week was 7 days long?


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