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Why Every Father Needs A Daughter

When Erin and I first started trying to have kids I was definitely the kind of husband that only wanted to have sons. Boys had always seemed easier and even though I grew up with two older sisters my whole life I had no idea how to approach the thought of raising a daughter. Luckily these kinds of things rarely work out how we humans want and the first little that God found it fit to bless us with was our beautiful daughter Gabriella.

Every father should have a daughter and it really boils down to the simple reason that you love your wife. No I am not saying that your wife wants a daughter so you should want one for her sake. What I am saying is far more selfish than that.

I love my wife more than anything in the world. I love the way she talks, the way she laughs, and the way she smiles. About the time that Gaberiella was 8 months old Erin took her for a hike. Along the way, someone took a picture for them to send back to me. In that picture, I saw a kind smile that stretched all the way across the face and into the eyes. The same smile that I had spent years falling in love with, but it wasn't on my wife's face, it was on our daughter's. That was the moment that I realized that my daughter was the one thing that I always needed but never knew I did.

Since the day I received that picture I have seen so many of the qualities that I love in my wife come out of my daughter. The way she smiles and laughs, her love of animals, and the way she dances. They can both try my patience in one second and have me thanking God for them the next. Watching the two of them together fills my heart with more joy than I could have ever imagined was even possible before having kids. That being said, even though she is only three I can already tell that little girl is going to give me all the heart ache I can handle during her teenage years. I think that any painful days we have ahead of us will be far outweighed by the pleasure of getting to be her father.

I hope that this message finds you in good health and that life gives you all the things that you never knew that you needed to have. I am just another confused father wondering...

Do my son's smile like me?


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