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Why I Go Fishing Every Year; Even Though I Don't Like Fishing

A long long time ago in a land far far away, in the magical land of Wisconsin, on the third Friday of the month of September, my grandfather's father took him and his brother away for the weekend to go fishing. This was the beginning of our annual family fishing trip.

For as long as, literally, anyone can remember (since my grandfather is the only surviving member of the original fishing crew) on the third weekend during the ninth month of every year, all the men in my extended family get together and go catfishing. It is probably the biggest event for my family each year. People have missed Thanksgiving, been snowed in on Christmas, skipped Easter, and just not came to lots of other events. But not the family fishing trip. Whether it is for the whole weekend or just making it down for a night, we find a way to make it down to grandpa's cabin on Mill Creek.

Now, I am not a fisherman. This year I had to borrow all the tackle I used from my cousin for the weekend as I could not find my tackle box. I go fishing a few times on a good year and only own a small pole and a handful of lures. But I love going on the fishing trip. That's because for all of us, it is not about fishing. My younger cousin Zach lives less than 2 miles from me. Growing up if we had lived that close, I would have spent every minute I could hanging out with him. However, as we are both busy adults with our own lives, I had not seen him since Christmas. I drive that hour and a half so I can talk to my cousin that lives less than 5 minutes away from me. And he does the same. He is a serious fisherman, from April to October. Any chance he gets, his boat is on the lake and he has a pole in the water. When we got out on the lake yesterday morning though, he and I caught up on every detail of each other's lives before we even baited a hook. The fishing trip is a yearly opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Tucked back in a cove where the cell coverage doesn't reach, under the shade of an old tree, with nothing but the sound of the water lapping up against the side of the boat was the break from that.

My grandfather turned 84 years old this year. While he is not getting around as well he used to, he still managed to make it down for a while this year. I hope he gets to see this family event that he has passed down to us many more times in his life. And I know that years after he is gone we will still be getting together telling stories of him and the years past while we make more memories to share on our future outings.

You never know what you will do that will stick with you for the rest of your life. My great grandfather took his sons fishing one day and it started a tradition that has lasted more than fifty years in my family. Sometimes the littlest things we do with our children ultimately end up having the largest impacts on their lives. I hope this post has found you in good health and of a sound mind. I am just another confused "fisherman" from Kansas wondering...

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