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Why I made a Guest Post

I recently got the opportunity to write a guest blog post for the MoneyMiniBlog. I had read some of their articles while thinking about how Erin and I were going to have to modify our budget once we move into the new house. While reading there, I notice that some of the articles were written by people outside of the website staff. I found this interesting and since I was already getting used to writing here I decided to give writing for another website a shot. So, I thought about what information I have that would make an interesting and informative article. The post came together pretty easily and I took a little extra effort in the editing process so it would look professional. I was nervous to submit even after putting all the work in but once I got up the nerve to hit the send button, with a little encouragement from Erin, it felt really good.

Trying to write for another website was a lot of fun. It gave me a chance to put together a topic that I probably would never have thought to write for my own site. I will definitely be reaching out to more sites in the future to try to make another guest post. Looking at things from different perspectives is a great way to improve yourself. The fact that it had to be approved by someone else made me work harder and I think I grew a little bit in the process as a writer. Unfortunately, I also put up two posts here in the time I was working on that guest post, that after going back and rereading I think were some of my worst so far. I also need to work on my time management a little bit as well apparently. I will strive to keep future content on this site to a higher standard.

The website quickly responded that they liked my submission and it was live on the MoneyMini website within a few days. It was super exciting to see my work on another website. We have been super busy here on the farm lately between the house project and studying for the PE, which was finally rescheduled (I will talk more about those in Saturday's post). With it being hard to find any time, I found myself starting to struggle to want to use the little bit of free time I do have, to write. However, this guest post I wrote, reminded me how much fun it is thinking about people reading what you write, even if it is just a few people for now (Thank you to anyone reading this).

I hope I get the opportunity to make more guest posts in the future. If I do I will make sure to let you all know. In the meantime, I am here and I will be for a long time to come. I hope this post finds you in good health and of a sound mind. I am just another confused father from Kansas wondering...

Where can I write for next?


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